Solid Cushion Tires

Cushion tires (also known as press-on tires) are made of solid rubber molded to a steel band. The rubber can either be traction or smooth. These tires are very durable and are best suited for indoor or light outdoor use on smooth surfaces.
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Solid Cushion Tires


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Available size: 6.00-9,6.50-10,7.00-12,28x9-15,36x14-24,22x14x16,620x255x475,23.5-25,29.5-25,etc.


Advantages:Anti-wear,anti-puncture, good elasticity  enhance the driver's comfort

Solid Cushion Tires

Solid Cushion Tires

Cushion Tire Forklifts

Solid Cushion Tires

Solid tire with side hole

cushion tire forklift

Non marking is available

18xforklift non marking solid tires7-8

forklift non marking solid tires

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