Skid Steer Rubber Wheel

Skid Steer Rubber Wheel

excellent wear resistance, climbling,steering dexterity,start torque and tread grip.the specially designed composed formulation provides a good anti-cutting performance,good puncture resistance.
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                                                                  skid steer rubber wheel

Skid Steer Loader is a vehicle that uses the difference in the linear speed of the wheels on both sides to achieve vehicle steering.  It is mainly used in occasions where the work site is narrow, the ground is uneven, and the work content changes frequently. 

While rubber wheel can meet all the requirements of skid steer loader.they have the steering dexterity,start torque and tread grip.

Main size:10-16.5 (31x10-16), 12-16.5 (33x12-20), 14-17.5 (36x14-20, 36x14-24), 385/65-24 (385/65D22.5) ), 445/65-24(445/65D22.5) 

33X12-20 308B(1)

33X12-20 308B(3)

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