Pavement Milling Machine Solid Tyre

Pavement Milling Machine Solid Tyre

High quality 3 stage compound rubber solid tyre, high standard management for quality control, with quality guarantee for solid tires.
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pavement milling machine solid tyre

1.Advanced tread compound based on top quality grades of natural rubber. Delivers reuduced rolling resistance, optimum tear strength and high abrasion resistance.

2.Resilient center compound encapsulated by tread rubber of total pretection.Provides strong absorption for increased driver comfort and reduced truck maintenance.

3.Super base compound can reduce heat build up and increase torque resistance for secure and safe fitment to the rim.Maxmum hardness insuring exceptional stability and lower deflection.


About Topower

Topower utilizes advanced technicians and equipment to produce our flagship brands, TOPOWER and JADEKING. We are capable of producing large quantities of tires, and offer some related service, like pressing tires on rims.


We can customize tires as every clients' request, like adapt to environment, like metallurgical sites, steel mill, glass plant, etc. or with performance of wear resistance, cutting resistance, fast heat dissipation, etc.

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