620x255x455 POB Solid Tire

620x255x455 POB Solid Tire

press on band(POB)solid tires are suitable for smooth floor, wear-resistant, have a longer service life.
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Product Details

                                                             620x255x455 POB Solid Tire

Product Parameters:

inch:24x10x18                            pattern:SMT2  TP305                       MM:620x255x455

Max.load:4240kg @10km/h       weight:65kg

Product Features:

POB with steel base cinsist of a steel ring with a vulcanized-on rubber cushion, suitable for ultra-high loads.

various trade patterns, wide-and-flat tread and super lug tread designs, all have their own advantages, how to choose depending on your working conditions.

more than hundreds of sizes, widely used in the market, applied for milling machine, tow cars, passenger boarding bridge,etc.

Product Details:


620x255x455 600

655 3 600



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