620x255x455 Milling Machine Tires

620x255x455 Milling Machine Tires

Resilient center compound encapsulated by tread rubber of total pretection.Provides strong absorption for increased driver comfort and reduced truck maintenance
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smooth cold milling machine  tires 24x10x18  620x255x455

Product Description



1.Wear resistant tread compound offers extreme resistance to chipping and chucking

2. High strength base and steel ring reinforced maintains absolute rim fit.

3.Its main characteristic is its low cost in relation with its optimal performance.

4.It offers great tear and wear characteristics, extreme resistance to chipping and chucking, and low heat build up.

5.It bears the heaviest loads while offering high stability to the industrial material handing equipment.

6.Low rolling resistance for economy performance

The following photos of  solid rubber tyre 24x10x18  620x255x455



SMT2-1 B sideASMT2-1 B sideB

milling machine

Other sizes we can supply for milling machine and related parameters

milling machine parameters.png

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