28x12x22 Press On Solid Tire

28x12x22 Press On Solid Tire

inch:28x12x22 pattern:SMT2, TP322 MM:711x305x558.8 max.load:6265kg @10km/h
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Product Details

                                                                   28x12x22 press on solid tire

Product Parameters:

inch:28x12x22       pattern:SMT2, TP322         MM:711x305x558.8   

max.load:6265kg @10km/h

Product Features:

1) 2 kinds of different tread designs.

wide and flat tread pattern: high performance of stability, low resistance for running;

super lug tread pattern: anti-wear resistance.

2) high quality of steel ring.

3) natural rubber can provide longer service life.

Since 1997, Topower has been engaged in solid tires for more than 20 years.

in 2012, we established a solid tire production base under a total investment of $10million, covering an area of 28000㎡.

we have gained ISO14001,ISO9001,OHSAS18001,REACH certificates.







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