10x5x6 1/4 Press On Solid Tire

10x5x6 1/4 Press On Solid Tire

press on band solid tires or POB tires are widely used by passenger boarding bridge, boat trailers, milling machine, sweeping machines.
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Product Details

                                                                10x5x6 1/4 Press On Solid Tire

Product Parameters:

size:10x5x6 1/4                          pattern:SMT2,TP305    MM:254x127x158.8     Max.load:955kg @10km/h

Product Features:

1) SM pattern design results in stable performance and lower running resistance.

2) POB tires are widely used by milling machine, boarding bridge, boat trailers and sweeping machines.

3) can be made into non-marking tires

4) some tires also have lug pattern which can lead to strong seizing force and good wear-resistance.

10x5x61 4 SM(1)

10x5x61 4 SM(2)

10x5x61 4 SM(3)

10x5x61 4 SM(4)






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