Elastic Cushion Tires

Elastic Cushion Tires

have 3 different pattern designs for elastic cushion tires
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                                                               Elastic Cushion Tires

The whole carcass of solid tire is made by rubber, leading the cushion performance not as good as the pneumatic tires.

Solid tire manufacture can improve it by adding side holes designs.

Topower can provide 3 different patterns for different vehicles according to their loading capacity and working condotions.

TP304 mainly applied for forklifts.

TP306 mainly applied for wheel loaders and otr.

TP308 mianly applied for skid steer loader and boom lifts.

the loading capacity of tires with one row of sideholes  is 15% less than that of standard tires.

the loading capacity of tires with two rows of sideholes  is 25% less than that of standard tires.

but we can provide higher quality rubber and unique formulation to improve their loading capacity.

7.00-12 600x600

23.5-25  600x600

31x10x16 600x600

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