Boom Access Platform Solid Tire

Boom Access Platform Solid Tire

main sizes:31x10x16(10-16.5) 33x12-20(12-16.5) 36x14-20(14-17.5) 36x14-24
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Product Details

                                                          boom access platform solid tire

Boom access platform (also called"boom lift") includes articulating boom lift and telescopic boom lift. they both can support people approach and arrrive at the operating site,performing equipment installation and maintenance work safely.

Topower are dedicated to provide more efficent and reliable solid tires for these boom lifts.

The pattern for boom access platform solid tires is different from regular solid tires.

They have excellent climbing, steering dexterity, start torque and tread grip.



Product Parameters:

308 750

more details:

33X12-20 308A(4)

33X12-20 308A(6)(1)

33X12-20 308B(4)

33X12-20 308B(3)

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