4.00-8 Solid Forklift Tire

4.00-8 Solid Forklift Tire

Topower Solid tires can also be made to fit on rims that are manufactured to support pneumatic tires,it's your all-rounder for forklift trucks, airport vehicles, heavy-duty transport vehicles, side-loading forklifts, platform trucks and other industrial vehicles,they are ofen usde in extremly harsh enviroment where a variety of metals, scrap, nails, screws, and other hardware like recycling centers and landfill operations may frequently puncture tires on heavy, load-bearing vehicles.
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Product Details

Size: 4.00-8

Rim: 3.00,2.50,3.75

Overall Diameter:408 mm

Width: 100 mm


Application:forklifts,tow truck

4.00-8 solid forklift tire

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