17.5-25 Airless Tires With Rim

17.5-25 Airless Tires With Rim

generally suitable for 3ton wheel loaders from various famous brand.
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Product Details

                                                             17.5-25 Airless Tires with Rim

Product Parameters:

size:17.5-25                                                  rim:14.00                                   weight:476kg

overall diameter(OD):1310mm                   width:420mm                            max.load:16870kg @ 10km/h

Generally suitable for 3ton wheel loaders from various famous brand.

At the speed of 10 kilometers per hour, the loading capacity of 17.5-25 airless tires is twice as much as that of pneumatic tires.

Airless tires are made of natural rubber, the rubber carcass makes the tire more wear-resistant,without the risk of puncture when operating in a harsh environment full of sharp glasses and stones.

In addition to being widely used by 3ton wheel loader, 17.5-25 airless tires are also used by reach stacker,container handler tires on seaports and matallurgical.





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