16x6-8 Solid Tire For Electric Forklift

16x6-8 Solid Tire For Electric Forklift

size:16x6-8 rim:4.33 overall diameter:420mm width:162mm max.load:1545kg @10km/h
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                                                               16x6-8 solid tire for electric forklift

TP312——Superior technology new pattern

improved traction,greater tread depth,low rolling resistance,

very high mileage,outstanding lateral guidance,extremely quiet running.

1) TP312 pattern is designed according to the working environment and usage of electric forklifts.

2) we can provide quick-fit (CLIP) design for most of electric forklifts.

3) 3-stage compound, wear -resisting tread, cushion rubber and friction hard base can enhance the whole performance.

4) rubber as the whole structure can completely eliminate the risk of tire burst,can help ruduce the operating cost.





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