16/70-24 Solid Tires

16/70-24 Solid Tires

size:16/70-24 pattern:TP308 rim:13.00 overall diameter:1140mm width:423mm max.load:12920kg @10km/h
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Product Details

                                                               16/70-24 Solid Tires

Product Parameters:

size:16/70-24                                            pattern:TP308                        rim:13.00

overall diameter:1140mm                         width:423mm                         max.load:12920kg @10km/h

Product Features:

1) greater loading capacity, suitable for OTR heavy-duty vehicles.

2) more than 20 years of production experience,suitable for working in a harsh environment.

3) high-quality rubber provides lower heat generation.

4) longer service life, ssolid tires extend 2.5-4 times of penumatic tires.

Product Pictures:

16 70-20-3

33X12-20 308B(1)


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