Tyre Mould

Tyre Mould

Available size :15x5, 14x4.5, 12x4.50, 12.5x4.25, 406x125, 12x4(200x8),22x7x17 3/4,400x120x298, 310x100x250, 305x76-254, 305/100-255, 305x105, 323x100,31x5x7, 33x6x8,31x6x10, 33x6x11, etc.
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Tyre mould

Topower is one of the biggest and most professional AWP tire manufacturers with 28000 sqm aera factory in China,our mould tyre has been used for many scissor lifts,rorklift trucks,etc..

High quality Natural rubber,non- marking compound

High-tech adhesives ensures a firm fit between the rubber and steel ring

Full range of sizes&colors

22X7X17 3 4 mould on solid tyre - 副本

tyre mould

tyre mould

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