22x7x17 3/4 Lift Rubber Wheel

22x7x17 3/4 Lift Rubber Wheel

size:22x7x17 3/4 pattern:TP305/TP321 MM:559x178x450.8 Max.load:4220kg @10km/h
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Product Details

                                                                  22x7x17 3/4 lift rubber wheel

Product Parameters:

size:22x7x17 3/4    pattern:TP305/TP321   MM:559x178x450.8    Max.load:4220kg @10km/h

Hub Profile:

steel rim with 9holes or 8 holes.

rubber color: grey / white/ black

Product Features:

1) colorful rubber for making non-marking solid rubber wheel.

2) grey, green, white,black colors are available.

3) more than 50 different sizes and various colors are available.

4) high-quality imported rubber results in longer tire life.

5) Topower solid wheel supplied to various well-known scissor lifts.

22X7x17.75 wheel

22X7X17 3 4(4)

22X7X17 3 4(5)

Other sizes:


About Topower:


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