Heat Resistance Tire

Heat Resistance Tire

In some special places, such as steel plants, mines, etc., vehicles such as loaders,forklifts need to work under extremely high temperature, while tires are the part of vehicles that directly contact the high temperature ground.
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Available size,20.5-25,23.5-25,26.5-25,31X10-16,36X14-20,10.00-20,11.00-20,etc.


Loaders,Skid steer loaders,Forklifts,Trailers,etc.

Regular rubber tires are easy to be deformed and damaged by heat after contacting the high temperature ground for a long time, while solid rubber tires with special formula perform well in heat resistance and high temperature resistance, so many vehicles use solid rubber tires to work at high temperature.

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Heat resistance tire

Heat resistance tire

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