Articulating Boom Lifts Solid Wheel 31x10x16

Articulating Boom Lifts Solid Wheel 31x10x16

31x10x16 solid wheel rim:6.00 pattern:TP308 overall diameter:782mm width:226mm max.load:4326kg @ 10km/h
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Product Details

                                                               Articulating Boom Lifts Solid Wheel 31x10x16

Product Parameters:

size:31x10x16                                                 rim:6.00                               pattern:TP308 

overall diameter:782mm                                 width:226mm                       max.load:4326kg @ 10km/h


1) 31x10x16 can replace 10-16.5

2) can be made with two rows of apertures , one row of apertures or without side holes

3) the loading capacity of tires with apertures will be 15% less than the standard tires.

4)  made from natural rubber, have great wear resistance.

5) inovative deep tread can procide excellent steering dexterity.

31x10x16 TP308(1)

31x10x16 TP308(2)

31x10x16 TP308(4)

Application scenarios:


TP 308 2





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