4.00-8 Airless Tire For Small Forklift

4.00-8 Airless Tire For Small Forklift

main size:4.00-8 5.00-8 15x4.5-8 18x7-8 6.50-10
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                                                               4.00-8 Airless Tire for Small Forklift

Forklifts are widely seen in industrial sites,Topower can provide different sizes and patterns according to the loading capacity and working environment of the forklifts.

since 1997, we have many years of experience and technique  with large amounts of investment in equipments and R&D technology.

The hardness of base rubber is about 85±5 Shore A, can provide rigid performance for the tire.

Natural rubber as the whole carcass structure can provide excellent wear resistance.

With our advanced low heat build-up technology, the tire can work longer.

             SizeRimQuick assemblyOverall diameter   (mm)Width (mm) MAX.LOAD(kg)
 Counterbalanced Lift Truck
4.00-83.00 4081001090840995765925710
2.50 408100910700830640765590
3.75 408100117590510808301000770
15x4 1/2-82.50 380110840645765590710545
3.00 o3801101005775915705850655
3.25 3801101090840995765925710
5.00-83.00 o450122125596511458801060815
3.50 45012214651125133510251235950
18×7-84.33 o448160243018702215170520601585
6.50-105.00 o576162271520902485191023101775

4.00-8 301(1)

4.00-8 301(2)

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