28x9-15 Super Resilient Solid Tire

28x9-15 Super Resilient Solid Tire

lowest operating cost solution for forklifts and other industrial vehicles.
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Product Details

                                                             28x9-15 super resilient solid tire

Lowest Operating Cost Solution for Forklifts and Other Industrial Vehicles.

high quality rubber as the whole structure thoroughly eliminates the risk of tire bursr while running.

As we all konw, tire burst is something that we are most afraid of when we are on the road, now solid tire can solve this problem. solid tires are most used by high-loading and slow-speed industrial vehicles.

solid tires have a higher loading capacity, wide grounding area and maintenance- free performance.

Product Parameters:

size:  28x9-15(8.15-15)             rim:7.00                          pattern:TP301

overall diameter:698mm           width:212mm                  max.load:4060kg @ 10km/h



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