28x9-15 Solid Tyre With Apertures

28x9-15 Solid Tyre With Apertures

three tread designs for 28x9-15 solid tyre: TP304, TP301 and TP312
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Product Details

                                                           28x9-15 Solid Tyre With Apertures

Product Parameters:

size:  28x9-15                                       rim:7.00                            weight:60kg

overal diameter:697mm                       width:208mm                     max.load:3710kg @ 10km/h

TP304 Main features:

1)good elasticity enhance the driver's comfort; heat dissiption faster,

suitable for various forklift and other industrial vehicles.

2) ovel hole can prevent cracking.

3) 3 stage compound design can respectively ensure the whole performance of tire.

4) Its loading capacity is a little less than that of standard tire, while it can be made into with no sideholes depending on your request.

5) in addition to TP304 tread design, we can provide other two designs for 28x9-15: TP301 and TP312.


28x9-15 TP304 (1)

28x9-15 TP304 (3)





About Topower:

1,since 1997, factory supply with more than 20 years

2, complete range of solid tire and OEM service

3, independent quality control service

4, R&D technology center with 15 technological personel

5, 23 patents for solid tire technology

6, competitive prices for reliable products

7, flexible and convenient logistic service





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