21x9x15 Press On Solid Tire

21x9x15 Press On Solid Tire

size:21x9x15 pattern:SMT2, TP322,TP327, MM:533x229x381 max.load:3620kg@10km/h
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Product Details

                                                      21x9x15 Press On Solid Tire

Product Parameters:

size:21x9x15                        pattern:SMT2, TP322,TP327    

MM:533x229x381                max.load:3620kg@10km/h

Product Features:

1) high quality rubber as the whole structure can provide excellent wear reisitance.

2) 2.5-4 times longer life of pnematic tire life.

3) high rubber can provide elastic performance

4) lower rolling resistance, suitable for running on smooth floor.

5) suitable for milling machine, tow trucks.




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