You Have To Know About The Maintenance Of Aerial Work Platform Vehicles

- Jul 16, 2019-

As for the maintenance of aerial work platform vehicles, many users don’t know where to start, so how to do the maintenance of aerial work platform vehicles? Which parts need our protection?

I. Engines

The engine is the heart of a lift platform,when driving , we can keep the engine in idle state and listen to whether there is any abnormal sound or vibration. If there is any, you should pay attention to it, because it will accelerate wear and tear, increase fuel consumption, shorten life, and eventually lead to overhaul.

2. Lacquer Surface

Skin is an important part of our daily maintenance, as is aerial work platform vehicles. Although there is no aging problem in the new equipment, it has been exposed to the air from the factory to the hands of customers, and is attacked by wind and sand. Timely and correct maintenance can keep it young forever.

Maintenance method: If not cleaned properly, it will damage the bright oil part of the outer layer. It is better to use neutral and mild detergent to clean up the sand and dirt on the surface of car paint. Some of the dirt is invisible, such as lacquer, gum and other chemical components of pollution, we must use a special detergent to wipe bit by bit. Finally, the tires, bumpers, eyebrows and other parts are coated with corresponding protective agents to prevent aging.


The most important thing for a novice driver is to have a bright heart. If you love the vehicle with a bad "look", it will not only affect the comfort of driving, but also directly affect the safety of driving. Therefore, timely maintenance of external lights is very important for drivers.

4. Tyres

The newly purchased boom /scissor lifts need to be run-in in order to improve the adaptability of various parts of the body to the environment. After a group of tires have been used for several years, the tread pattern surface is perfectly non-destructive, but in fact, the performance of high-altitude working tires will gradually aging with the increase of age, and the quality of tires will gradually decline. If we do not realize this, it is wrong to think that "the surface looks good" means that the tires are all right.

When maintaining tires, first remove the inclusions such as stones in the tread pattern, check whether the outer tire of the high-altitude vehicle has the faults of bubbles, layers, cracks, deterioration and aging; secondly, when disassembling tires, remove the rust on the rim. In addition, check whether there is friction and collision between tire and other parts of the vehicle.