Will You Select The Soft Or Hard Tires?

- Jul 12, 2019-

Will You Select the Soft or Hard Tires?

Soft tires have better grip performance, but not so wear-resistant; on the contrary, hard tires have relatively poor grip performance, but long service life,so how to select the proper tires for your vehicle?

From the point of view of noise reduction, soft tires have absolute  advantages, which can give vehicle owners more comfortable driving pleasure. In terms of fuel consumption, hard tyres are more fuel-efficient.

Every autumn and winter, the rubber of the tire will gradually harden, the elasticity will weaken, the dry-road handling performance and wet-road braking performance of the tire will be reduced, and then the problems of braking, control and silence will arise, which will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of floating and sliding over a long period of time. From the material point of view, the material of winter tire is softer, which produces greater friction than hard tire, which greatly improves the vehicle's maneuverability and safety on wet and slippery road surface.

Solid tires and OTR tires are common in hard tires. Because of the restriction of road conditions, tires must have better wear resistance and tear resistance, so the tread hardness of tires is relatively hard.

Soft tires are suitable for high-speed, snow, sand and mud roads. They have good adhesion but consume energy (oil). They also wear tires heavily.

Generally soft tires are really quiet, comfortable, good grip and good handling performance tires. The softest and most typical

Formula 1 racing tires, which have good grip and handling performance, can even see melted rubber left over from melted rubber on the track through which the racing car passes. This kind of tire is very soft, but it does not wear well.

So what is the difference between hard and soft?

It's in the rubber formula! According to the different road surface of the tire, the hard and soft parts of the tire are divided into different standards. Soft tire and hard tire are different in material formulation and manufacture. Soft tire has better handling and grip performance, while hard tire often has longer mileage and better fuel-saving performance.