Why Are Solid Tires Increasingly Used In Ports, Yards And Mines?

- Jan 27, 2021-

At present, ports and container carrying equipments tend to maneuverability, safety considerations, so more and more wheeled vehicles are used. Solid tires are whole rubber structure, free of many of the problems associated with tire changing, inflating and air pressure, virtually for any harsh environment.


Most of the vehicles in ports, docks and other places use heavy tires. A tire with a pressure of 100kPa contains about 12 times its volume of air, which has a strong explosive energy. Once the tire bursts, it will cause great damage; on the other hand, in the process of high- speed driving, the sudden puncture of small tire can easily cause the vehicle to roll over and lose control instantly. While solid tires do not have the risk of puncture.


If 35% under inflated conditions, wear level will be twice as much as normal; If vehicles are on 40 percent overweight, the life of tires will be cut in half. However solid tires do not need to be inflated and will not be affected by air pressure. Factors such as overweight will have some impact on tire life, but the impact is not as large as that of inflatable tire.


Due to the use of ultra-deep pattern design, solid tire wear resistance is 2-3 times that of the inflatable tire. Expanding the service life can greatly save costs and reduce the expense of tire changing and repair. A solid tire is more expensive than an inflatable tire of the same specification, but in the long term, with longer service life and maintenance-free,the solid tire can help save costs for low-speed and high-load industrial vehicles.