Why Are Industrial Vehicles Equipped With Solid Tires?

- Mar 09, 2021-

The cars and trucks on the road are all equipped with pneumatic tires. Why are industrial vehicles equipped with solid rubber tires? Now   let solid tire manufacturers reveal the answers.


1. Excellent safety performance with improved working efficiency

Rubber as the whole structure can perfectly safeguard the puncture-resistance of solid tires, which can completely eliminate the risk of tire burst when industrial vehicles are running or working in a harsh environment. With no need to be inflated, solid tires are able to  avoid frequent tire-changing and fixing works, which results in increasing the utilization and efficiency of vehicles.

2. Good structure design with great operational performance

Solid tires are applied with advanced 3-stage compound design, which means they use 3-layer rubber compounds. High-strength hard base and steel ring not only ensures the tire rigidity, but also ensures the tightness between the rubber and the rim, which fundamentally eliminates the sliding problem; Highly-elastic cushion rubber absorbs the vibration of the running vehicle, bringing with comfortable driving, while avoiding the damage to the vehicle; The thickened tread rubber ensures the wear-and-abrasion resistance improving the service life of the solid tire.

3.Out-of-date technique and formulation design

Solid tire production has experienced more than half a century of history . Over these years, repeated rubber formulations are designed to maximize the tire performance, especially the base part with high-rigidity and low-heat raw rubber, which can reduce the heat and temperature rise to a minimum, at the same time improve the heat-resistance performance of tires, so as to solve the serious problems such as burst, swelling and slipping.