What Kind Of Rubber Material For Making Solid Tires?

- Jan 19, 2021-

Rubber solid tire is often used in industrial vehicles.To be used under high load, the rubber material is required to have enough pressure resistance and wear resistance, with enough high constant extension stress and high hardness. So what kind of rubber material can make the solid tire achieve the above performance? Let the solid tire manufacturers tell you the answer.


In the conventional production process, the rubber material roughly has two forms. Natural rubber can ensure the rubber softness at low temperature, the disadvantage is that the raw material of natural rubber, namely the latex SAP obtained from the rubber tree is limited; Synthetic rubber can be made into a variety of different components, just to meet the requirements of tire product performance, the disadvantage is that the flexibility of rubber at low temperatures will reduce. The main purpose of adding carbon black is to increase the wear resistance of tires and help improve the rubber bonding performance during vulcanization. In addition, steel ring enforced will help improve the hardness of tire base.


Rubber as the whole structure and special rubber as the main raw material, the carcass of solid tires is solid, in addition to few hollow in the middle layer. The tyres in vehicles uses the elasticity of the rubber body to reduce and absorb the impact of the wheel as it rotates.


Solid tire completely eliminates the risk of tire blowout during operation and does not require routine maintenance, so it is widely used in industrial vehicles with high bearing capacity. However, solid tires are very heavy, just like we wear hiking shoes when running, which reduces flexibility and is not maneuverable when mounted on a car, so they will need to be improved in the future.


In low-speed, high-load environments, solid tires can replace pneumatic tires, providing greater safety, reliability and stability.