What Is The Meaning Of The Forklift Tire Mark

- Oct 17, 2017-

Forklift tire is the main component of the forklift, the car tire symbols on more than 10 species, to identify the selection and use of these symbols, is the main tire maintenance, ensure traffic safety and extend on tire using life has important significance.

Tire standard: standard is the symbolic data of tire geometric parameters and physical functions. A set of figures commonly used in tire standards show that the previous figure shows the width of the tire section, and the latter figure indicates the diameter of the rim, in inches. The middle letter or symbol has special meaning: "X" indicates the high pressure tire; "R" and "Z" indicate the radial tire; "one" indicates the low pressure tire.

Hierarchy: hierarchy refers to the nominal number of plies in the tire rubber layer, which is not the same as the actual ply number, which is the main goal of the tire strength. The hierarchy is symbolized in Chinese, such as the 12 level, symbolized in English, such as "14P.R", that is, the 14 pole.

Cord: some tire alone marked as "nylon" (NYLON), usually in the standard level after WTO; some tire manufacturers indicated in the standard, indicated that the first letter of Chinese phonetic alphabet, such as 9 20N, 7.50 20G, N and G showed that nylon wire, cotton, M show R showed that the artificial silk.

Load and air pressure: usually indicate maximum load and corresponding air pressure, load is "kilogram" as unit, air pressure is tire pressure, unit is "kPa"".

Rim standard: rim standard for matching tyres. It is convenient for practical application, such as "standard rim 5.00F"".

Balanced symbol: made of rubber of various colors, shaped on the side of the tire, indicating that the tire is the lightest here and should be mounted on the valve to ensure the balance of all the tires.

Rolling direction: Tire markings on the March drain slip special key, so the cross-country car tire commonly used arrow symbol of asymmetric markings to ensure the installation direction of rolling, adhesion and anti slip function planning. If wrong, will spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

Wear limit symbol: tire side with rubber strip, block marking the tire wear limit, once the tire wear to this symbolic position should be replaced in time, otherwise it will not be due to strength, halfway tire burst.

Batch number: symbolized by a set of numbers and letters, indicating the length and quantity of the tire. For example, "98N08B5820" shows 5820th tires produced by the B group in August 1998. The lot number is used to identify the old and new tires and the storage time.

Trademark: trademark is a symbol of tire manufacturers, including trademarks, words and drawings, usually more prominent and eye-catching, easy to identify. Most of the products are connected with the name of the factory.

Other symbols: such as commodity grade, production license number and other subordinate symbols. It can be used as reference material and information.

Tire is one of the most important parts of the whole car, the tire is related to driving safety, comfortable driving, fuel saving and many other factors. So we have to be familiar with the parameters of each marker on the tire so that we can better select a good tyre for ourselves, and avoid the accident due to the tire.