What Are The Tire Maintenance Work?

- Oct 17, 2017-

1. high speed to keep away from the car, to avoid unnecessary or frequently brake (brake), reduce the tire damage, at the same time for their own safety considerations should pay attention to the tire tread depth, close to the flat tire because of friction and pavement is reduced, the brake distance is long, not high speed.

2. tire load and pressure there is a one-to-one relationship, similar to the load of high low pressure, can cause the damage of the tyre, often used in overload, the service life of the tire will reduce the 20%-50%; while loading errors will cause uneven tire load, impact load too high reduce the life of the individual tire.

3. the air pressure is the life of the tire, the tire pressure must be in line with the national standards for different types, specifications of the tire pressure specified. Should always check the tire pressure, the pressure is too high and will have special wear and groove bottom cracking, broken cord, ply delamination, tire burst damage; if you want to continue at high speed, the pressure should be increased 5%-10% at standard pressure; at the same time running after due to the temperature rise in the gas increased. This cannot deflate.

4. timely and appropriately to the vehicle tires (to check the tires in the vehicle maintenance level and two level maintenance, keep the tire wear) uniform, prolong the service life; the diameter slightly larger tires should be installed in the outer.

5. the tires should not be used on the front wheels; the tires with vertical tread patterns should be used as far as possible, and the tyres with the crossed lines as far as possible on the rear wheels.

6. tire wear to wear mark, must be replaced.