What Affects The Service Life Of Forklift Solid Tire?

- Dec 10, 2020-

                                                    What Affects the Service Life of Forklift Solid Tire?


Compared to pneumatic tires, Solid tires have its own unique characteristics. As we all know, its carcass is solid, so they have a higher loading capacity, excellent puncture resistance, greater wear resistance and maintenance-free performance. As a result, solid tires cost is also higher. It’s very important to know what factors affect the service life of solid tires, this can help forklift operators reduce the cost of use.

1) solid tires parameters

Each solid tire has its parameters, such as overall diameter, section width,  max.load and rims. Be sure that the rims fit the tire. When you buy the tires, you also need to tell the manufactures and sellers about the operating environment of forklifts and the road conditions.

2) use environment

As above mentioned, under different working conditions, the service life of solid tires varies, such as the concrete floor, indoor floor, outdoor road full of sharp stones.

3)continuous working hours

The continuous working and frequency of use will also affect the service life.The use of solid tires with 24 hours of continuous high-intensity load will be very different from that of solid tires that only work for about 8 hours a day.

According to Topower R&D technicists, the service life of ordinary solid rubber tires is between 2000 hours to 4000 hours; while the minimum service life of high-quality solid rubber tires is 4000 hours, and the maximum can reach more than 8000 hours. 

 Tips from a solid tire factory


The pneumatic rim solid tire is able to be interchangeable with the pneumatic tire if their rims are in the same. But to install the rim to the solid tire needs a special press machine. According to ETRTOEDI, the tires installed on the same axle should be from the same tire manufactures. and it’s dangerous to install a solid tire on the left and a pneumatic tire on the right.