Wang Hengyi,the GM Of The Topower Company, Attended The 3rd Meeting Of The 14th Committee Of Funing County, CPPCC

- Jan 10, 2019-

2019.01.09, the 3rd meeting of the 14th Committee of Funing County opened in the Funing Cultural Center,Wang Hengyi,the GM of the Topower Company attended the meeting as the member of CPPCC.

Members of the CPPCC from all fields gathered together in orderto shoulder the expectations and heavy trust of Funing People,and work together for the high-quality development. The 3rd Session of the 14th CPPCC Conference is a major conference in the new situation of the 70th anniversary of the CPPCC foundation, the key year of building a well-off society at a high level and the beginning of the new era of high-quality construction of Jianghuai Happy Land in Funing. It is also a great event and joy in Funing. Xu Huaming points out that the members who attended this meeting should have a high sense of political responsibility and mission,  focus on the objectives and tasks of the County Committee, carry out the good tradition, always build a successful career in all fields, actively participate in political discussion, political consultation and democratic supervision, and strive to translate the views of the CPPCC County Committee into millions of people in Funing. The wish of the people has made positive contributions to the cohesion of the people's hearts and the formation of consensus, and truly turned the 14th and 3rd sessions of the CPPCC into a United congress, a Democratic Congress and a victorious congress.

At the end of the meeting,the General Manager of Topower company,Wang Hengyi gave an interview as a proud representative.Interview shows that as a member of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, He felt both honored and responsible.We must do a good job of participate in the administration and discussion of state affairs, offering suggestions, combining with our duties, consolidating our own work foundation, and adding bricks and tiles to the development of Funing.


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