Use Of Solid Tires

- Oct 17, 2017-

Solid tire is corresponding with pneumatic tires, there are also many species, for example, pneumatic tire rim solid tire, press on solid tires, solid tyre, environmentally friendly solid tire belong to solid tyre. So what's the use of solid tyres?

Pneumatic tire rim solid tire is a solid tire mounted on the rim of a pneumatic tire. Press on solid tires is vulcanized on the annular metal band, and then re installed in the supporting wheel tire, solid tyre is the direct driving wheel tire vulcanization in environmental protection, solid tire, not its use in the process of ground marks especially the brake impression.

Because the wear resistance of the solid tire is very good, because its carcass is solid, so the tire will not burst. It is a kind of specially made tyre, which is mainly suitable for special vehicles such as anti riot vehicles, cash carts, anti terrorist vehicles, engineering vehicles, forestry machinery, etc.

The solid tire is usually used under high load. It is required that the rubber material has enough pressure resistance and wear resistance. It has high enough extension stress, high hardness, low permanent deformation and good wear resistance. Solid tire is a kind of industrial tire which is suitable for low speed and high load harsh operation. Its safety, durability and economy are better than pneumatic tire.