Trailer Solid Tires

- Sep 03, 2020-

Compared with pneumatic tires, solid tires have their unique advantages. Because the carcass is solid, they have much higher load capacity, are wear-resistant and puncture-resistant, do not need maintenance, and reduce the trouble of tire repair.


A trailer is a vehicle that is pulled away by a towing vehicle.Therefore, the safety performance requirements of the trailer tire are also extremely high. Because of this, ordinary tires cannot meet the requirements at all, and they are prone to punctures and safety accidents. More and more trailers use solid tires to replace the original pneumatic tires.


Trailer solid tires are widely used. You can see them in ports (container trailers), logging yards, or our common flatbed trailers.


Commonly used trailer solid tires are: 3.50-6, 4.00- 8,10.00-20, 11.00-20, 14.00-24, etc.


If you have more questions about trailer tires, please consult us.

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