Topower Wheel Participated In The Meeting Of Jiangsu Rubber Industry Association

- May 21, 2019-

Recently, the China Rubber Industry Association held the fourth of ninth  enlarged meetings of directors and executive directors in Guangzhou. A total of 439 people participated in the meeting. Yali Deng , president of China Rubber Association, made a report on "Deeply promoting structural reform on both supply and need side to improve the quality and efficiency of the operation of the rubber industry". The report said that the scale of rubber industry has grown rapidly in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the sales revenue of rubber products has increased 321 times, and the total profit has increased 70 times. The total output of tires, bicycle tyres, rubber hose belts and various rubber products has increased by tens to hundreds of times respectively.


The rapid development of China's rubber industry has created a global industrial chain and value chain of rubber industry, which includes rubber materials, carbon black, additives, framework materials, technology, equipment, market and so on. The economies of various countries and economies are integrated into it, interdependently, mutually beneficial and win-win.


On May 18, the Fourth of the Seventh Meeting of Jiangsu Rubber Industry Association was held in Suzhou. Rubber macromolecule experts and representatives of member enterprises gathered for an exchange study . Jiangsu Topower Wheel Co., Ltd. , as a member of Jiangsu Rubber Industry Association,participated in this meeting .



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