Topower Tyre Was Awarded Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise

- Aug 11, 2020-

Recently, the Yancheng City Credit Office organized a 2020 corporate credit management publicity and implementation work conference. Heads of county (city, district) development and reform commissions, heads of municipal credit management demonstration enterprises in 2019, a total of more than 350 people attended the meeting.


At the meeting, relevant persons in charge of Yancheng development and Reform Commission carried out special mobilization and deployment in combination with the new situation and new requirements in the implementation of enterprise credit management standards and demonstration construction. The person in charge of the provincial credit office gave a special lecture on strengthening enterprise credit management and enhancing risk prevention ability to the participants.


Jiangsu Topower Tyre Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiangsu Topower Wheel Co., Ltd.) was awarded the "Credit Management Demonstration Enterprise" . In the future, Topower will continue to strengthen the sense of integrity, build a culture of integrity, and establish a brand of integrity!