Topower Held The Three-level Safety Education And Training Meeting

- Apr 29, 2019-

In order to enhance the stuff’s  safety awareness and strengthen our safety management,on the afternoon of April 28th , our company organized a three-level safety education and training meeting.

The meeting was presided over by Chairman Genchun Liu. Deputy General Manager Ronghua Chen and Factory Director Genhua Shen were responsible for the training.Other heads of departments, team leaders, employees and a total of 69 people attended the meeting.


Genhua Shen , according to the company’s existing advanced high-tech equipment,imparted safety knowledge used in the actual operation with professional skills, and also requested the employees in each workshop to operate strictly in accordance with the operating procedures. 


Finally,  Chairman Liu summarized the three-level safety education and training, enumerated some safety cases around, such as the "3.21 explosion of Xiangshui Chemical Plant", and analyzed the causes and impact of the accident.He asked the staff to pay attention to each hairlike security lurking peril around us, preventing every problem from happening.