Topower Guides You To Choose The Most Suitable Solid Tire For Your Forklift

- Jun 14, 2019-

Forklifts play a very important role in the logistics transportation system of an enterprise and is the main force in material handling equipment. It is widely used in factories, ports, airports, warehouses and other places. Forklifts with high performance-price ratio can help enterprises greatly reduce costs. While choosing forklift trucks, we should also pay attention to the selection of forklift spare parts, which will reduce many obstacles to future maintenance. The most commonly used component is the forklift tire.


There are mainly three kinds of tires used in forklifts: pneumatic tire, pneumatic rim with solid tire and press on solid tire .


Pneumatic tire is filled with compressed air, and its elasticity and adhesion are good, and its performance is greatly affected by tire pressure. With the increase of tire pressure, its bearing capacity increases, adhesion ability decreases, vibration frequency increases, comfort and safety deteriorates.


Next, we will introduce how to select solid tyres for your forklift .


The difference between pneumatic rim with solid tire and pneumatic tire is that the inner chamber of pneumatic rim is not inflated but filled with high elastic material, so it has the advantages of wear resistance, anti-puncture and high load capacity , which increases the working safety of vehicles.


Press on solid tire has small diameter and strong bearing capacity. It is suitable for forklift with high load and small wheels. It has no puncture danger and maintenance free .


Solid tire has good heat resistance , which makes the tire still have good safety in harsh environment.


Low compression deformation, high resilience characteristics,even under high load state, still maintains good operating performance.



Solid tyres can be used in extremely harsh workplaces, such as mines, ports, glass factories, metallurgical industries, etc.


Bad solid tires  are filled with scrap tires or other materials, only the surface of about 8CM is rubber. This low-cost die-cast solid tires often have quality problems, either blowout, or degumming because of heat , or not used natural rubber  !


So,  when you purchase solid tyres for your forklift , you should choose a  powerful manufacturer, otherwise it will affect your normal production plan!

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