Topower Company Attended The Spring Festival Greeting Party Of 2019 Held By Funing County Party Committee And Government

- Feb 11, 2019-

Funing County held the 2019 Spring Festival Greeting Party in the morning of Feb 1st.The Secretary of the county Party committee,Xu Huaming on behalf of the four groups in the county to send New Year's greetings to millions of people of the county,The Deputy Secretary of the county Party committee and county governor,Zhang Lihua, presided the greeting meeting.The Director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress Ren Linjin,The Chairman of the CPPCC County Consultative Conference,Wu Xiaofei,Hao Ruiyao,Ding Zhengwan,Zhu Ling,Ni Yihua,Luo Shisong,Wang Ning,Zhou Dahu,Zhao Dongping gathered together to celebrate the festival with all representatives from all walks of life.The president of Topower Liu Genchun,as representatives of enterprises of Funing County and the General Manager of Topower Wang Hengyi as representatives of CPPCC members attended the meeting.

During the greeting party, literary and artistic workers performed wonderful performances such as recitation, acrobatics and allegro.etc