Tire Use Instructions

- Oct 17, 2017-

Tyres can only be disassembled and disassembled by trained professionals with special equipment.

Please confirm whether the vehicle air pressure is normal in the condition of complete cooling. The right tire pressure is good for environment protection, safety and economy. Tire pressure is too high or too low to be dangerous, may cause accidents or tire damage.

The same shaft must use the same types of tires, not mixed with different size or structure of the tire.

When the rim is damaged or deformed, the tire shall not be installed again and continue to use.

When the tire is worn to the wear indicator, the tire must not continue and should be replaced immediately.

When the tire cord breaks, the drums, tires, steel wires and cords are exposed and must be stopped immediately.

When the tire service life is too long (over three years), when the ozone aging cracking occurs on the sidewall, it shall not continue to use.

No chemical corrosion products such as grease and grease on the surface of tyre.

Tyres are used for half a year or every 5000 kilometers.