Tips For Pressing Solid Rubber Tires

- Feb 09, 2021-

Solid tires are interchangeable with the rims of the corresponding inflatable tires.However, the loading and unloading of the rim of solid tires can only be completed with auxiliary tools (tooling) on the press. In order to ensure the safety and accuracy of the installation process, the following rules should be followed.

1) Choosing the right tire press machine

Solid tires manufacture can now supply 120T,200T,250T,300T and 350T tire press machine. Before buying them, you should have a deep study what kind of sizes you need. You can ask for recommendation from our salespersons.

2) Checking tire and rim

First check the tire and rim fit. Tires in the same specifications are equipped with different rim width. Then you should inspect that whether the rim is defective. If there is a burr, first grind flat, otherwise it would be easy to damage the tire hub.

In order to guarantee that the tires can be successfully installed, reduce the friction between the rim and rubber is necessary. when installation, the hub of the tire and rim surface besmear need to spray and lubricant, such as common soap water and washing powder. You must not use oil and industrial lubricating oil, such as class, because they can  swelling rubber, causing damage to the tire.

3) When the tire is placed on the rim, deflecting is not permitted, otherwise it is difficult to install, and it will swing from side to side when used. So the rim must be installed in place, and the bolts must be tightened, otherwise it is dangerous when ring slips or the rim separates.

4)According to the requirements of ETRTOEDI, when loading tires, the same axle must be equipped with tires of the same specification from the same manufacturer, and they cannot be mixed with pneumatic tires.