The Difference Between High-quality Solid Rubber Tires And Ordinary Tires

- Feb 19, 2020-

At present, there are many types of solid rubber tires on the market, but the prices of solid tires of the same size and specifications are quite different. In the process of selecting solid tires, should you choose the low or high price? Do you worry about quality when choosing a low price? Worried about buying expensive if you choose a high price? How to distinguish between choices? Do you know the difference between high-quality solid rubber tires and ordinary tires?


1. The gel content is different.

The so-called rubber content is the proportion of rubber in the entire formula. The rubber content of high-quality solid rubber tires is about 55%; the national standard general quality is about 45%.

2.Physical indicators

A: Tensile strength. High-quality rubber is above 22MPa, and general quality is above 18Mpa, which is more than 22% higher than general quality.

B: Abrasion resistance of tread rubber. The high-quality rubber is within 0.18 m3, and the general quality is within 0.3 m3, which improves the wear resistance by more than 40%.

3. High-quality tires with good elasticity at the core, low heat generation, slow internal heating during use, and long-term operation, suitable for high-frequency operations Ordinary tires are suitable for clearance operations.


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