Solid Tires For Airports And Seaports

- Nov 26, 2020-

                                                         Solid tires for Airports and Seaports


As we all know, Airports and Seaports are the most important transportation hubs. In these two workplace, lots of heavy industrial vehicles are high-speed working to provide reliable and non-stop service. Solid tires also play an essential role, now let me make a list of equipments with solid tires for you:

  1.  Passanger boarding bridge

  2.  Airport baggage trailer

  3. Ariport ground support equipment

  4. Seaport container handler

  5. Seaport container trailer

  6. Seaport forklift


Why do these equipments choose to usesolid tires?


Solid tires are not only used for low speed moving high load vehicles or machinery, but also for fixed position machinery. For solid tires rubber for the whole structure, to ensure the maximum tire puncture resistance, fundamentally eliminate the industrial vehicles in operation process and bearing tire puncture danger in the harsh environment.

The solid tire is usually used under high load, and the rubber material has satisfied pressure resistance and wear resistance. It has high stress, high hardness, low endurance deformation and excellent wear resistance. They are highly safe, durable, economical and significantly better than the pneumatic tire, widely used in various industrial vehicles, military vehicles, construction machinery, seaport and airport trailer vehicles and other fields.


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