Solid Tire Price Trend

- Jun 01, 2020-

Solid tire corresponds to pneumatic tire,its carcass is solid, has the advantages of higher load, anti-puncture , maintenance free, etc., often used in places with high requirements for safety performance, such as scissor lift,boom lift,trailer, etc., at the same time, it has also played a great advantage in many places with harsh environment, such as steel plant, wood plant, ceramic plant, garbage power plant, etc .

How about the solid tire price trend?

 Do you know the price trend of solid tire at present?

At present, the commonly used solid tire vehicles are: forklift, aerial work platform, trailer, loader, milling machine, mining vehicle, etc. the market is mainly in the southeast coast of China, and the export is mainly in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

The annual export volume of top tire accounts for 50% - 55% of the total annual production. At present, the domestic and foreign markets are basically flat. The main factors affecting the development of solid tire industry include not only the rubber price that determines the production cost, but also many other factors.

So, how about the price trend of solid tire?

Because of the advantages of solid tires, there are more and more scenarios using solid tires . At present, the market demand for solid tires is in the rising stage of the product life cycle, and the market scope is gradually expanding. The markets in South Africa, the Middle East and Africa are also gradually improving. It can be learned from the top domestic and international AWP manufacturers that some of their vehicles were in short supply all the time.

Because of the market demand for solid tires, the manufacturers of solid tires have increased rapidly, and the prices of solid tires vary according to different formulas, raw materials, channels, etc., therefore,  when choosing solid tires,  consumers should choose factory-guaranteed solid tires that are guaranteed and certified.

solid tire price trend