Solid Tire Installation Should Pay Attention To Matters

- Oct 17, 2017-

1. Inspection of tyre and rim.

First of all, to check the suitability of the tire and rim, that is to say the tire specifications are the same as the rim type. The rim width used for the same specification is different, and should be confirmed first when installing. Inspection of rim includes rim defect, burr or not. If there is burr, first grinding flat, otherwise easy to hurt the tire hub, affecting installation and use.

2, in order to ensure the tires can be successfully installed, reduce friction, and the rim is installed, the tire hub and rim of the outer surface to be sprayed, grease, lubricant can choose commonly used soap, washing powder and water, there are conditions available tire lubricants, but do not use oil and other industries the commonly used lubricating oil, because they will damage the tire rubber swelling.

3, when placed into the tire rim to head flat, not skewed, otherwise difficult to install, use will swing around the rim, must be installed in place, bolts must be tightened, otherwise easy to slip rings or tire rim caused by the separation of risk.

4, according to the ETRTOEDI standard, the tire must be concentric when loading into the car. Different specifications and different tire wear manufacturers can be fitted to the same car on the same shaft, and the pneumatic tyre can not be mixed, otherwise easy to cause personal and equipment accident.