Solid Tire Factory Rubber Run Flat Insert

- Dec 03, 2020-

                                                      Solid Tire Factory Rubber Run Flat Insert


As an important part of wheel vehicles, the tire’s performance has a direct impact on the vehicle itself, such as the vehicle’s power performance, fuel economy, braking, riding comfort, trafficability and survival in battle.


To some armored cars and special vehicles (for example police cars, cash transport, anti-hijacking vehicle), their tires should be equipped with all the performances that general vehicles have, more importantly, they need to process the bulletproof ability.


So the bulletproof rubber run flat inserts are born in response to these needs.


But bulletproof tires don’t mean that they are as impregnable as irons that bullet can not pass through. It refers that after the bullet passing through, the vehicle can still move forward for certain distance, so they are called run flat tires.


Modern bulletproof tires generally have the same structure, mainly containing outer tire,run flat insert, rim and valve.


Run flat insert is usually installed on the rim. When the tires are punctured, the ordinary vehicle will suddenly lose control, while the special vehicle with run flat insert can move forward at the speed of 40 to 80 km/h. This can extremely safeguard the passengers.