Solid Tire Damage Treatment Method

- Feb 04, 2019-

When the tire has cracks, holes, blistering, delamination, etc., it should be repaired or renovated according to the specific conditions. There are two cracks around the carcass of the tire. The tread rubber has been polished and has a large hole. When the carcass layer has a ring break and the whole circle is separated, it should be replaced.

When the inner tube is found to have small holes, it can be hot or cold. The roughening around the inner tube damage, the fire glue is attached to the damage, and the hole is just in the center of the glue, then the tire clip is attached to the normal glue, and the screw is tightened and then ignited. The heating agent on the fire glue can be bonded tightly after 10-15 minutes.

Timely replacement: If the inner tube has problems such as folding, severe breakage, aging and stickiness, deformation, etc., it needs to be replaced in time. Get together to check the tire pressure regularly, it is best to check it every other month. If the tire pressure is not enough, it should be made up in time. You should also check it routinely before you go to the high speed to ensure safe driving.

In the daily use of solid tires, because many owners ignore the condition of the tires, this can easily lead to the occurrence of the incident. As long as you pay attention to the inspection and maintenance, and develop a good driving habit, you can safely travel the world.