Solid Tire Characteristics

- Oct 17, 2017-

First, good safety performance is helpful to improve work efficiency

For solid tire rubber composition for the whole, to ensure maximum tire puncture resistance, fundamentally eliminate the industrial vehicles in bearing in operation process and tire puncture hidden in the harsh environment of the. Solid tire load - deformation is small and stable operation, because of its resistance to tearing and stab, no need of inflation, to avoid the frequent change of heavy labor can improve the vehicle tire, use rate and work efficiency in low-speed and high efficient operation, solid tyre can completely replace the pneumatic tire.

Two, reasonable structure design, to ensure that the tire has good performance

The solid tire adopts the advanced three stage structure design, and the three kinds of rubber materials ensure the overall performance of the tire respectively. Base ring of rubber and steel with high rigidity, high strength support, both to ensure the tire stiffness, and ensure that the fastening of tire and rim, to fundamentally eliminate the problem of solid tire slip rings; intermediate rubber with high elasticity, effectively absorb vehicle vibration when running, with driving comfort at the same time, to avoid the damage to the vehicle; thickening of the tread layer, ensure the tire tearing and abrasion resistance, improves the service life of solid tire; in addition, LINDE special tire forklift reasonable drum and CLICK structure design, installation and ensure the tire and wheel rim closely, tire section widening. To improve the operation stability of vehicles.

Three, advanced technology and formula design

Solid tire production company of British industrial tire has advanced technology more than half a century of history and experience in the production of the rubber formulation design to maximize the performance of tire, especially base glue all imported high rigidity and low heat glue, tire at run time and heating temperature to rise and fall the lowest, while the heat resistance performance of tire and improve, so as to solve the solid tire caused by temperature rise of the swell, slip ring, burst and other serious problems; advanced formula design and reduce the rolling resistance of tire. Through the National Engineering Machinery Quality Supervision and inspection center testing, the solid tire rolling resistance coefficient of our company is similar to the pneumatic tire, which solves the problem of increasing oil consumption due to the replacement of solid tires;

In addition, our company produces high performance printless solid tire, because it uses light color (color) formula design, it runs no brake marks, environmental protection, especially suitable for environmental sanitation requirements for food, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries are more stringent, the achievement of science and technology has been identified by the National Science and technology department.