Solid Rubber Tires That Have Been Used For 5 Years

- Jan 19, 2020-

This morning, General Manager Lai from Guangzhou specifically found and called us, and sent feedback on the application of Topower solid rubber tires:

Product use location: Guangzhou,China

Use environment: Factory cement floor

Work intensity: Medium (about 5-6 hours per day)

Second-hand forklift purchase time: January 2015, tires are the old tire of second-hand forklift

Used time: 5 years

Mileage : 5000 KM

Solid rubber tires

Solid rubber tires that have been used for 5 years

According to Lai’s feedback, the tires of another forklift in the factory have been replaced 3 times under the same use conditions!

From the pictures sent by Lai, it can be seen that although have been used for more than 5 years, the overall tire wear of Topower solid tires is relatively uniform.”The wear hasn't reached the position of the anti friction line, the side of the tyre has no obvious scars, and the tyre has no obvious aging.They can still used for a while!