Shock-absorbing Cushions

- Jun 24, 2020-

Many people are familiar with shock-absorbing cushions shock-absorbing pads.  We often find that its shadow everywhere in our life. Shock-absorbing pads are mainly used in residences, hotels,  schools, business buildings; KTV, nightclubs and other entertainment venues Other places that need sound insulation and shock absorption have excellent damping and shock absorption effects, and are a kind of floating floor material with high cost performance.


Shock-absorbing pads generally have a wide load range, long working life, and are safe and reliable to use. It can be anti-skid. For the equipment with low disturbance and low emphasis, the cushion can be placed directly under the cushion of the equipment without fixing. The user can choose according to different needs and the platform.


Shock-absorbing cushions generally have long-lasting high elasticity, and have good performance of shock isolation, impact isolation and sound insulation; it is convenient to shape and suppress, and the shape and size can be freely selected to meet the requirements of stiffness and strength; it has certain damping performance. It can absorb mechanical energy, especially the absorption of high-frequency vibration energy; because the rubber material and the metal surface can be firmly bonded, it is not only easy to manufacture and install, but also can use multiple layers to reduce the rigidity, change its frequency Range, low prices.


Nowadays, many shock-absorbing pads can be said to be dazzling and dazzling, but how many shock-absorbing pads really have shock-absorbing functions? Topower specializes in providing shock-absorbing system products widely used in fans, pipes, and pumps Damping and noise reduction of various vibration mechanical equipment such as generators, central air conditioners, wind cabinets, freezers, cooling towers, air compressors, railways, large machinery, precision instruments and meters.