Hardness of solid rubber tires and how to select

- Jan 09, 2020-

When buying solid rubber tires, there are usually questions such as: Are solid rubber tires hard or soft?

High-hardness solid rubber tires are often used in harsh environments or because of road surface conditions that make the tires more wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and puncture-resistant, so the tire's tread hardness is relatively hard.

Soft tires are suitable for high speed, snow, sand, dirt roads, etc., with good adhesion but high fuel consumption, and great tire wear.

What is the difference between soft and hard solid rubber tires?

It's the rubber formula! According to the tires' daily road surface, there are different standards for the hardness and hardness of tires. Soft tires and hard tires have differences in material formulation and manufacturing. Soft tires have better handling and grip performance, while harder tires often have longer mileage and good fuel economy.

Soft tires have better grip performance, but they are not so abrasion resistant; on the contrary, rigid tires have relatively poor grip performance, but have a longer working life.

From the perspective of noise reduction, soft tires have considerable advantages, which can give car owners more comfortable driving pleasure. In terms of fuel consumption, rigid tires are more fuel efficient, but they are not too obvious.

    When autumn and winter come every year, the rubber of solid rubber tires will gradually harden and the elasticity will weaken. The dry road handling performance and wet road braking performance of the tires will decrease, followed by problems such as braking, handling and mute. Avoid floating phenomenon. From a material point of view, the material of winter tires is softer, resulting in greater friction than hard tires, which greatly improves the handling and safety of vehicles on wet roads.

Therefore, the best way is to choose tires with appropriate hardness according to different usage scenarios, speeds, seasons, etc., so as to maximize the efficiency of tire use.

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