Rubber Track Shoes

- Feb 07, 2020-

Rubber track shoes, also known as rubber track blocks, rubber track pads, is a rubber component installed on the construction system of construction machinery walking systems to protect infrastructure. It is a metal framework and rubber cured by high temperature It is made of rubber body, steel pipe, beveled end plate and L-shaped end plate. The long rubber body is covered by the steel pipe crossing the rubber body. The upper end of the rubber body is inclined and the other end is upper. It is L-shaped. The bevel end plate is bolted to the steel tube outside the bevel end of the rubber body. The L-type end plate is directly connected to the steel tube by welding to the rubber body L-shaped track plate. It is mainly used for excavators, bulldozers, Crawler crane and other construction machinery chassis parts

How to use rubber track pads?

Directly replace iron tracks and install them on chain tracks or iron track pads. The rubber part of the rubber track pads directly contacts the road surface, thus protecting the road infrastructure. With the rapid progress of China's municipal engineering construction, the standards for road construction are getting higher and higher, the situation of rescue, rescue, and construction in prosperous cities is increasing, the number of functional construction equipment in cities is increasing, and people's awareness of environmental protection is increasing. The more intense, and driven by foreign consciousness and requirements, rubber track shoes have also been widely used in construction machinery. The export volume of domestic construction (excavator) equipment is also gradually increasing, and foreign customers also require them to equip the equipment with rubber track pads; and in recent years, the rapid development of new directional drilling rigs, garden construction equipment and other new functional equipment The demand for rubber track pads is increasing.

Rubber track pads have the following advantages: 

① Protect the road surface from damaging: rubber track pads do less damage to highways and municipal infrastructure than steel track pads. 

② Low cost of use: If the damage is a single phenomenon during the construction process, if necessary, replace a single product instead of the entire one, the relative cost is low; 

③ Strong interchangeability: rubber track pads can be easily and conveniently at any time Install on iron tracks or replace iron tracks on chain rails; 

④Low vibration: Rubber track pads elastically dampen vibrations, which can extend the life of the machine and reduce driver fatigue; therefore, rubber track pads have been widely used in construction engineering machinery ( (Such as excavators, exploration machines, horizontal drilling rigs, pavers, ground planers, etc.), military equipment (such as tanks, explosion-proof vehicles, special fire trucks, etc.

Notes for use:

(1) The operating temperature of rubber tracks is generally between -25 and + 55'C.

(2) The salt of chemicals, oil, and seawater will accelerate the aging of the crawler.After using it in such an environment, the crawler shoes must be washed.

(3) The edges of the road, ruts or uneven roads will cause cracks on the ground side of the track edges. Such cracks can continue to be used when the internal steel pipe and iron parts are not damaged.